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Intern Spotlight: 2023 HRT AI Labs Summer Projects

HAIL (HRT AI Labs) once again hosted many Algo Developer interns during the HRT 2023 Algo Summer Internship program.

Building a Dependency Graph of Our Python Codebase

Introduction In keeping with our roots in high frequency trading, HRT moves fast. As is the case with any metric in engineering, speed has its tradeoffs. Over the last half-decade, HRT saw...

Modeling Equities Returns: The Linear Case

Introduction Having an accurate high-level overview of market dynamics is crucial in algorithmic trading. At HRT, many trading teams curate their own models to understand risk and performance...

Optimizing UX/UI Design for Trading at HRT

It might seem counterintuitive for a trading firm with a heavy emphasis on automation to spend resources on user interfaces; however, UX/UI can have a large impact on even fully automated trading....

Intern Spotlight: 2022 HRT AI Labs Summer Projects

HAIL (HRT AI Labs) was lucky to host several talented Algo Developer interns during the HRT 2022 Algo Summer Internship program. These interns tackled the topic of “artificial intelligence in...

Low Latency Optimization: Using Huge Pages on Linux (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our series on improving latency through the use of huge pages! While the first installment was focused on potential hardware benefits, this post will hone in on the...

Low Latency Optimization: Understanding Huge Pages (Part 1)

Latency is often a crucial factor in algorithmic trading. At HRT, a lot of effort goes into minimizing the latency of our trading stack. Low latency optimizations can be arcane, but fortunately...

Intern Spotlight: 2022 Software Engineering Projects

Summer is intern season at HRT; within a few short months, our interns are truly woven into the fabric of HRT's culture, adding vibrancy and enthusiasm to our offices around the globe. Working in...

A Campus Career Fair Led This Software Developer to a New Life in NYC

As a California native and aspiring software developer, Jenna MacCarley always thought she’d work in Silicon Valley—but meeting with an HRT campus recruiter at a career fair convinced her a job in...

The Communication Habits That Help HRT’s Engineering Teams Thrive

Today we’re sitting down with Taylor Legg, who leads our Systems Dev team at HRT. As the manager of a distributed international team, she considers good communication especially important. Read on...

In Trading, Machine Learning Benchmarks Don’t Track What You Care About

Doing good work at HRT means constantly learning and improving. As part of that ongoing education, many people at HRT follow academic research – whether to keep up with the latest developments in...

Scalable Ethereum Reads 

In this post, Wintern Hao Wang describes his main project, which yielded order-of-magnitude speed improvements in Ethereum data ingestion on our DeFi research platform. Introduction Before starting...

How HRT Thinks About Data

Algorithms play a central role in algorithmic trading – as you might guess from its name. The simplest mental model of an algorithm is one of a black box that takes in data as input and outputs...

How HRT Approached Remote Work During the Pandemic

In March of 2020, everyone’s world turned upside down – and HRT’s offices were no exception. For a company that espouses core values like openness, collaboration, and togetherness, switching to an...

Enabling Algo Research on Blockchain Data

Strategy development at HRT is a complex process, and in some cases involves exploring massive data sets to find interesting patterns and generate ideas.

How We Verify Custom Hardware

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are increasingly used in the areas of finance and trading. They allow the user to create custom hardware without many of the costs and delays associated with building custom chips.

Scaling Prometheus to Billions of Samples a Second

When scaling out infrastructure, it becomes increasingly important to have unified visibility into how the systems are operating. HRT is always working to expand the capabilities of our research.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Trading

In the past few years it has been hard to escape the ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence. Although everything from your phone to your car or even your refrigerator might be endowed with AI, what is actually considered AI will vary widely from person to person.

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