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Who We Are

At HRT we are mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, physicists and engineers. We research and develop automated trading algorithms using advanced mathematical techniques.


Meet our Partners

Jason Carroll, Prashant Lal, and Oaz Nir are active managing partners at HRT, and are closely involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm. Prashant focuses on the firm’s growth into new markets and asset classes, Jason on the ongoing expansion and improvement of HRT’s trading technology, and Oaz on developing HRT’s trading algorithms. As leaders, they provide support and guidance to HRTers as the company grows, and new generations of talent take on more responsibility.

Meet Jason, Prashant, and Oaz

When not making us all a little nervous with his penchant for daring hobbies, Jason is a true philomath. If there is something to learn and conquer, he will, especially if it involves programming. Jason seeks adventure on the water and in the sky; he is a world-champion sailor with a passion for aviation. When not in the office, Prashant can probably be found on a tennis court, or in Tribeca with his wife and two daughters. And our newest partner, Oaz, is above all else passionate about expanding HRT’s trading. Reading, swimming, and yoga are all activities Oaz enjoys when he’s not engrossed in exploring a new trading idea.

All of the partners embody HRT’s culture of hard work, ethics, and the tireless pursuit of opportunity.

HRT’s History


HRT’s founding partners graduated from Harvard and MIT with degrees in computer science and mathematics, and founded HRT in 2002. Armed with programming skills and sharp quantitative minds, the founders hypothesized that by applying a fresh take to trading stocks, one that truly leverages the power of technology, they could meaningfully impact a world still dominated by manual operators. Very quickly, their algorithms saw success in the markets and HRT grew from their origins in US equities to a global, multi-asset class trading firm.


Today HRT employs over 900 brilliant minds from a variety of mathematical, scientific, technical, and business disciplines. We trade on nearly all of the world’s electronic markets, and are a leading voice for fair and open markets. HRT’s comment letters can be found here.


Join Us

As we grow, HRT continues to build its future on a foundation of collaboration and openness. We leverage the infinite possibilities our culture of sharing creates to explore new ways of trading. We are committed to pushing the industry forward, from contributing open source code, to bringing our expertise to blockchain technology. For more information on our open roles, please visit our careers page here.


Trade With Us

HRT launched our Single Dealer Platform (SDP) in the US and Systematic Internaliser (SI) in Europe in 2018, and Client Market Making in 2022. Learn more about trading with us here.


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